How the Internet aided my love for film.



Many film majors before the Internet took over will tell you the long and hard process they’ve had to undergo their time studying production. Especially before the digital era took place of having to manually having to shoot, produce, and cut film. Pre-milennial filmmakers were looked upon more as artists than just media makers, and the thought and process that went into films just seemed to be more of a commitment due to the higher cost of production. Nowadays, low-budget films are drastically more doable — and that is all thanks to millennial age technology and the Internet. Unfortunately for millennials, the competition has rose drastically.

More films are being recorded on various video recording cameras, and some even shot on Smartphones. Although this brings more opportunity for the  Average Joe to indulge in filmmaking, we must not forget what these milennials learned from growing up in a digital age. Content quality over quantity. Being twenty years old, most of the films that taught me the basics of visual storytelling.


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